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The LPSC (Liberal Progressive Socialist Communist) Community Says You Are Stoooopid

By Gary Starr for the Neville Awards
Feb, 25, 2010

The elites in the LPSC (Liberal Progressive Socialist Communist) Community used to characterize conservative politicians as warmongers (Goldwater), dumb cowboy actors, (Reagan) and just plain dumb (Bush II). It was their way of letting us know how much smarter they were than the rest of us. It was also a way to make themselves feel better about themselves.

Now, with healthcare and cap-&-trade on shaky ground these same elites are calling us, the American people, just plain stupid. We just aren't smart enough to grasp the complexities and nuances of these progressive and enlightened issues. Tea party folks are anti-government, astroturf, redneck, teabagging racists. Conservatives are rednecks, racists and Nazis.

Our chosen few are ever more blatant in their contempt for us.

New York Times RINO David Brooks worries that Americans are rejecting the "educated class":

The public is not only shifting from left to right. Every single idea associated with the educated class has grown more unpopular over the past year.

The educated class believes in global warming, so public skepticism about global warming is on the rise. The educated class supports abortion rights, so public opinion is shifting against them. The educated class supports gun control, so opposition to gun control is mounting.

The story is the same in foreign affairs. The educated class is internationalist, so isolationist sentiment is now at an all-time high, according to a Pew Research Center survey. The educated class believes in multilateral action, so the number of Americans who believe we should "go our own way" has risen sharply.

Time Magazine's Joe Klein says Americans are "Too Dumb to Thrive":

"Absolutely amazing poll results from CNN today about the $787 stimulus package: nearly three out of four Americans think the money has been wasted. On second thought, they may be right: it's been wasted on them."

It is very difficult to have a democracy without citizens. It is impossible to be a citizen if you don't make an effort to understand the most basic activities of your government. It is very difficult to thrive in an increasingly competitive world if you're a nation of dodos.

Newsweek's Jacob Weisberg:

...the "biggest culprit" behind "our political paralysis" is the "childishness, ignorance, and growing incoherence of the public at large."

The Washington Post's Steven Pearlstein:

"On many issues these days the American people are badly confused."

The New Yorker's James Surowiecki:

"The people may have spoken, it's just not clear that they're making any sense."

Kurt Andersen in New York magazine:

"American democracy has gotten way too democratic." The "thoughtful, educated, well-off, well-regarded gentlemen" who designed our Constitution "wanted a government run by an American elite like themselves."

Bill Maher on Larry King Live - "Americans are too stupid to understand the issues"

And Obama best bud Valerie Jarrett had this to say at the Kennedy School of Government:

Even Virginia University professor of Politics Gerard Alexander writing in The Washington Post an article entitled Why Are Liberals Are So Condescending? couldn't resist taking a shot Glenn Beck:

"A few conservative voices may say that all liberals are always wrong, but these tend to be relatively marginal figures or media gadflies such as Glenn Beck."

With that one remark Alexander betrayed an insufferable elitism and deep-sixed his entire premise.

What is going on is easily understood. The elite Progressive class, which has held sway in the media and the academic world since the early 20th Century, and imparted to us the information they thought we needed to hear, is becoming increasingly irrelevant as newspapers go out of business, the liberals in academia are exposed as frauds and every LPSC shibboleth ends up in the dustbin of history.

There is desperation in the air. The elites need to attack us to justify their shrinking influence. Happily, no one is listening and nobody cares. We don't need you anymore. There is an ever-increasing availability of information and Americans are deciding for themselves what is relevant and worthwhile.

And that's the way it is!" thundered Walter Cronkite every night at the end of his broadcast...and so it was.

The Era of Cronkite, mercifully, is over.

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