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Obama Overseas-The Ultimate Affirmative Action Candidate

Obama's Magical Mystery Tour -- The Week In Review
Neville's Obama Berlin Speech Analysis
More Berlin Speech Analysis -- Five Articles

By Neville Awards
July 17, 2008

So Barack's off on his whirlwind tour of Europe and the Middle East.

In Germany he wants to speak in front of the Brandenburg Gate...the place where John F. Kennedy gave his 'Ich Bin Ein Berliner" speech and Ronald Reagan gave his "Tear Down This Wall" speech. Obama's should give his "Ich Bin Ein Beginner" speech there.

Of course, both of these men were actually President when they spoke at The Gate. Barack wants to arrogantly use the The Gate as a campaign prop and has been politely asked by the German Government to seek another venue for politicking.

In Iraq he plans to meet with General Patraeus to "reassess" his position on a troop withdrawal timetable. Barack was against the surge before he was for it. But a firestorm of lefty criticism has forced him back to his original position. It would appear that, no matter what the facts on the ground are or what the Generals say he is locked into retreat and defeat.

But here is the real issue for the Barack Obama Traveling Medicine Show. He is traveling with no less than all three network anchors, The Three Stooges if you will, the three poodle lapdogs as it were, of the dinosaur media, CBS's Katie Couric, ABC's Charlie Gibson, and NBC's Brian Williams. If there was ever a more obvious example of a candidate being propped up by the media this is it. They will gush, fawn, genuflect, protect and defend, all the while pretending to be objective journalists. One of them, in the absence of Chris Matthews, may feel something crawling up his/her leg. What a joke.

This affirmative action candidate, bereft of any real experience other than being a community "maniactivist", editor of the Harvard Law Review and notching up a couple of years in the senate, most of which has been spent running for president, has benefited from the media being completely in the tank for him. They have covered for his many gaffes, any one of which would have sunk the candidacy of a mere mortal. Whenever Obama misspeaks the media trip all over themselves making excuses for him, ignoring the gaffe, or spinning like tops telling us "what he really meant to say."

If McCain misspeaks it's front page news and he's called "old".

No doubt the Three Stooges will cover for him if he commits a gaffe overseas. He will be treated like a rock star.

When McCain went to Iraq did anybody in the media care? It's not 2000 anymore and he's no longer the cuddly little maverick going up against the evil conservatives.

In fact both Newsweek and Time have had Barack on their covers a total of twenty-four times. McCain just five times.

Democrats can't win without the support and willful enabling by the left wing media and the hypocrisy is just staggering. And now, on display for all to see.

The story continues below:

Sgt. Obama's Magical Mystery Tour -- The Week In Review

Yes, we know...they were two different albums...

Remember the kid who didn't study all year and then tried to cram an entire course into his head the night before the final exam? That was Obama's Magical Mystery Tour....a weeks' worth of photo-ops sprinkled with a little lightweight content in an attempt to fool or placate the electorate that, now, he finally has some foreign policy cred and presidential gravitas. Obama's handlers know that the pictures speak much louder than words. So that's what we got.

So bereft of heft was this trip that there is almost nothing, zippo, nada to report, but we at the Neville Awards will provide an accounting anyway.


On Sunday, he met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, describing the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan as the central front in Washington's fight against terrorism, according to aides to Karzai.

"There is starting to be a growing consensus that it's time for us to withdraw some of our combat troops out of Iraq, deploy them here in Afghanistan," Obama said in an interview Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation." "And I think we have to seize that opportunity. Now is the time for us to do it."

What growing consensus? Among liberals? According to Obama we are incapable of multi-tasking so we sacrifice Iraq to save Afghanistan.


Barack looked the part in cool shades and shirtsleeves as he met with Gen. Petraeus. Hopefully the general gave him an earfull on the folly of a 16 month timeline.

Barack met with Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki. Just prior to Barack's visit the good Prime Minister proceeded to stab Bush and McCain in the back by indicating he was down with a 16 month troop withdrawal timeline, a statement published Saturday in the online version of Der Spiegel, a German magazine.

When queried by the Bush administration al-Maliki and friends immediately started back-pedaling.

Looks like we will be going back into Iraq when the Iranian Army and Sadr's Mahdi Militia are breaking into the Iraqi Parliament demanding al-Maliki's head on a stake.

The story continues below:


Per the Washington Post July 23, 2008:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Tuesday defended his proposal to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq over a 16-month period despite opposition to any timeline from the top U.S. commander there, Gen. David H. Petraeus. More forces are needed to combat a perilous situation in Afghanistan, Obama said.

"I believe that the best way to support Iraqi sovereignty and to encourage the Iraqis to stand up is through the responsible redeployment of our combat brigades," Obama told reporters after completing a four-day visit to Iraq and Afghanistan.

In other words...sink or swim dudes whether you're ready or not.


In Israel Obama, once again, proclaimed his never-ending support for Israel's right to exist, blah, blah, blah. After Obama met with Israel's President Shimon Peres, a female aide emerged and gasped, "Eizeh Khatikh" - "What a hunk!". Go figure.

Obama condemned an attack in Jerusalem earlier in the day by a Palestinian who drove a heavy construction backhoe into a bus and at least five cars, and he said it could complicate Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.


Obama said that attacks such as that were likely to make the Israelis "want to dig in and simply think about their own security."

Such statesmanship!!!!

"I strongly condemn this attack and will always support Israel in confronting terrorism and pursuing lasting peace and security," he said.



Per the Washington Post July 26, 2008:

"My dear Barack Obama," French President Nicolas Sarkozy called the senator from Illinois as the two shared a stage normally reserved for heads of state. Obama called Sarkozy "my dear friend, President Sarkozy" and at one point laid a friendly hand on his host's shoulder.

Sarkozy kept insisting that the American people, not a French politician, will pick the next leader of the United States, but he seemed incapable of taking his own words seriously.

Describing the choice for U.S. voters in November, he treated presumptive Republican nominee John McCain almost as an afterthought. "So good luck to Barack Obama," he said. "If he is chosen, then France will be delighted. And if it's somebody else, then France will be the friend of the United States of America."

Gee Thanks Nicky....don't bother us the next time Germany breaches the Maginot Line or Paris is declared part of the Islamic Caliphate.

Obama Gaffes...We've Had a Few...the Press Won't Mention(to the tune of Sinatra's 'My Way')

But we will, if only to get them on the record somewhere in print.
  • Barack Obama today boasted about a bill in "my committee," a committee on which he has no seat. While speaking to the press in the Israeli town of Sderot, Obama mistakenly put the U.S. Senate banking committee on his resume, although the Illinois senator does not serve on the committee and Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) is the chairman. During the press conference, Obama said, "Just this past -- this past week, we passed out of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, which is my committee, a bill to call for divestment from Iran as a way of ratcheting up the pressure to ensure that they don't obtain a nuclear weapon."
  • "Throughout our history, America’s confronted constantly evolving danger, from the oppression of an empire, to the lawlessness of the frontier, from the bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor, to the threat of nuclear annihilation. Americans have adapted to the threats posed by an ever-changing world."
  • During Sen. Barack Obama's remarks to the press today in Amman, Jordan, he meant to assert that the United States would continue to strongly support Israel. But this is how that sentence came out as he answered foreign policy questions on a broad range of subjects: "Well let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong friend of Israel's," he said, according to a transcript of the press conference.
  • In Germany the Obama entourage was told that the candidate could visit wounded soldiers, not as a candidate, but as a U.S. Senator, which meant no handlers or press. That also meant no juicy photo-op. Instead Obama worked out at the hotel gym.
The bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor

Germany and The Speech

OK...Barack's big moment, the big "shew", THE SPEECH in Berlin. There he was..."Mr. This is the moment", "Mr. Citizen of the World", "Mr. Shared Sacrifice". Abe Lincoln, FDR, JFK, out. There's a new sheriff in town!

Speaking to 200,000 George Bush-hating Blame America First stoners and slacker socialists, drunk on free beer and a free warm-up rock concert, Barack proceeded to tick off a list of America's failings and declared himself a citizen of the world. It was Barack's John Kerry "pass the global test" moment.

200,000!, 200,000!, 200,000! That is the figure the "in-the-tank" Obama media is shoving down our throats.

And yet, AND YET, per the estimates given by German public television ZDF actually during the event were as little as one-tenth of that number.

Excerpted from

ZDF began its special "Obama in Berlin" coverage [German video] at 6:45 p.m. Central European Time: only 15 minutes before the candidate's speech was scheduled to start. At the time, ZDF reporter Susanne Gelhard was out and about on the so-called "Fan Mile" between the Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate. "The expectations were highly varied," she said in her live report, "from a few thousand up to a million. Those were the estimates. But, now, several tens of thousands have turned out." Barely five minutes before the speech was supposed to start,

ZDF Berlin studio chief Peter Frey added, "We do estimate that 20,000 [literally, "a couple of ten thousand"] people have turned out." Frey's tone, like that of Gelhard, reflected the gap between the relatively modest number cited and the lofty predictions that had preceded the event.

Moreover, while the ZDF live images showed that the "Fan Mile" was indeed populated from one end to the other, they also appeared to reveal patches of thinness and pedestrian traffic flowing easily on the half of the boulevard closer to the Brandenburg Gate.

ZDF live image of the "Fan Mile" only minutes before the start of Barack Obama's speech. Note the distinct thinness of the crowd toward the bottom of the image.

As the Berlin-based writer Christian J. Heinrich notes: "During the big anti-Bush demonstration after the fall of Baghdad, there were 250,000 people. And it looked totally different from yesterday. Then, you couldn't move all the way from the Brandenburg Gate to the Technical University [on the western side of Tiergarten park, another kilometer beyond the Siegessäule]."

And when Barack wasn't trashing and apologizing for his country he was lecturing us on personal and national limits, what we can't accomplish, what kind of car we can drive, how much we can eat and what temperature we can set our thermostats at. During the 2004 campaign, John Kerry said during a debate that America’s foreign policy should have to pass a “global test” – a comment that President Bush immediately (and successfully) repudiated. Obama seems to think that American environmental policy must also be subject to the same “global test.”

In Barack's world, as in Michelle's world, it's all about those limits and shared sacrifice. This kind of warmed over socialism may play well in Europe but Barack is running for president of the United States, not President of the World. Here's a sampling:

Excerpted from Obama's "A World that Stands as One" speech in Berlin:

I come to Berlin as so many of my countrymen have come before. Tonight, I speak to you not as a candidate for President, but as a citizen - a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow citizen of the world.

The walls between old allies on either side of the Atlantic cannot stand. The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand. The walls between races and tribes; natives and immigrants; Christian and Muslim and Jew cannot stand. These now are the walls we must tear down.

This is the moment when we must defeat terror and dry up the well of extremism that supports it. This threat is real and we cannot shrink from our responsibility to combat it. If we could create NATO to face down the Soviet Union, we can join in a new and global partnership to dismantle the networks that have struck in Madrid and Amman; in London and Bali; in Washington and New York. If we could win a battle of ideas against the communists, we can stand with the vast majority of Muslims who reject the extremism that leads to hate instead of hope.

As we speak, cars in Boston and factories in Beijing are melting the ice caps in the Arctic, shrinking coastlines in the Atlantic, and bringing drought to farms from Kansas to Kenya.

Will we acknowledge that there is no more powerful example than the one each of our nations projects to the world? Will we reject torture and stand for the rule of law? Will we welcome immigrants from different lands, and shun discrimination against those who don't look like us or worship like we do, and keep the promise of equality and opportunity for all of our people?

I know my country has not perfected itself. At times, we've struggled to keep the promise of liberty and equality for all of our people. We've made our share of mistakes, and there are times when our actions around the world have not lived up to our best intentions.

Read the whole depressing speech here.

The story continues below:

Curiously there was no applause when Barack spoke of defeating terror...but there was plenty of applause when he talked of torture, disarmament, unchecked immigration and America's failings.

Well, it wouldn't be the first time that Germans could be easily wowed by a slick talker spouting populist socialism and duckbilled platitudes. Europeans seem to tumble for that cult of personality stuff. And this time, there aren't even any Jews to blame for Germany's and Europe's problems.

It seems that, in Barack's world, the U.S. and Europe have shared and sacrificed equally in fighting Islamo-fascism. Of course, that is insane. Only someone who goes to Europe and apologizes for American power could say such drivel. In Afghanistan German troops are not allowed to engage the enemy...they might as well be Peace Corps volunteers. And where are the Germans in Iraq? And Spain?...they were blackmailed into surrendering by Al Qaeda several years ago. Only England seems to have any stomach for a fight and even they seem to be going a bit wobbly.

If anyone remembers, we were attacked on 9-11, not Europe. That whole French thing about "we are all Americans now" lasted as long as we didn't actually draw a line in the sand and defend ourselves.

Barack's version of global citizenship and shared sacrifice means the U.S. making changes and waiting/hoping for Beijing and the world to love us again and make the same changes. Don't hold your breath.

Like Barack's speech on race post Rev. Wright The Speech was a dead fish, a flop, DOA, a big fat failure. How do we know this? The leftwing blogs, notably Kos and MoveOn, are silent, not gushing, no reaction. Obviously, how many times can we hear a variation of the same speech and be bowled over. Anticipation always exceeds the actual event.

More Berlin Speech Analysis -- Five Articles
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