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Occupy Wall Street-- Rape, Disease, Murder, Anti-Semitism -- This Is What Stupidity Looks Like--Part 4

Occupy Wall Street-- This Is What Stupidity Looks Like -- Part 3 -- Three Articles

Occupy Wall Street-- This Is What Stupidity Looks Like Pt. II

Occupy Wall Street-- This Is What Stupidity Looks Like

Multiculturalism In Europe Has Failed -- What A Surprise

Democrats & The Ryan Budget -- 500,000,000 Seniors and One Billion Children Will Die

The London Riots -- Two Articles

Imagine There's No Liberals...It's Easy If You Try

The English Defence League

Progressives' Assault on the Constitution as Obama's Poll Numbers Crater

Michael Moore's John Reed Moment

JFK, Obama and America's Current Weakness

Elite Alert -- John Kerry, Man of the People and the Folks in the Cheap Seats

Post Election Analysis: Leftist Fascism on Full Display in the Wake of Mid-Term Beatdown

Historic Mid-Term Victory for Conservatives -- Phase 1 is Accomplished

Eurotopia and Eurabia: Time to Pay the Financial Piper

Irrelevant NPR Fires Juan Williams for anti-Muslim Remark

Epic Fail -- One Nation Leftist/Communist/Socialist/Democrat Rally Lays an Egg

The Recession is Over - Let The Good Times Roll?

Our 9/11 Message on the Ninth Anniversary

Oliver Stone Comes Out: Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic

Fan and Fred and the Problem of Narrative-The GSEs don't fit the left's story about how greedy bankers caused the financial crisis. That's why they haven't been reformed.

$145 Billion and Counting Fannie -- The Unreformable Fannie and Freddie lose it all for you.

Liberals Setting Up Conservatives to Take the Fall for Leftist Violence...Again

The LPSC (Liberal Progressive Socialist Communist) Community Says You Are Stoooopid

Sedition, Glenn Beck, Joe Klein, Reconquista and Illegal Immigration

The Euro and the Greek Financial Meltdown -- Can It Happen Here?

Gun Rights Victory -- Supreme Court Affirms Individual Right to Own Firearms

The G8/G20 Smackdown -- The End of Keynesianism and the Return to Conservative Economics

Kagan Conjures Madison: Obfuscates Her Way to the Supreme Court

Sen. Robert Byrd, Racism and the Liberal Whitewash

Singing the Ivy League Blues - Endowments Down 20%-30%

UK Bans Michael Savage -- Free Speech Under Assault

Pelosi's Tortuous Denial -- What Did She Know...When Did She Know It?

Carrie Prejean Fired as Miss California

Neville's 2008 Election WrapUp

McCain Kicks Obama Booty at Saddleback -- Three Articles

The Great Depression Hoax

Russia, Georgia, Appeasement and the International Leftists -- Three Articles

Palin Energizes Women & The Republican Base -- Two Articles

Sarah Palin-Why the Left & the Feminists Hate Her - 5 Articles

Sarah Palin-Why the Left & the Press Hate Her - 5 Articles

Team Obama and the Left Losing it's Cool Over Palin -- 5Articles

Democrats Can't Run on Iraq Anymore-- Five Articles Pelosi & Democrats Fiddle While Our Oil Remains Undrilled

Nine to Five: The Musical -- Why Bother?

Why the N.Y. Times Sucks - Refuses to Publish McCain Op-Ed

Annual Appeaser of the Year Award

Democrats Smear the Military -- A Retrospective

Hillary Saves the World Too

Hillary's John Kerry Moment

Democrats Cry Wolf Again -- Blame Bush and Global Warming for the California Fires

Another Ann Coulter Book -- Another Phony Controversy

Democrats Show Us How Tough They Are...Condemn Rush Limbaugh

Enabling Terrorists, Leftists and Communists

Kucinich Plays Footsie With Syria's Assad

The Petraeus Hearings -- Democrats Bask in Shame

Desperate to Win Part 3: Sen. Chuck Schumer Slams Troops, Surge

Protesting the Great Satan Today?
Islamic Rage Boy -- A Man for all Seethings

Jane Fonda's Radio Network Flops

Jihad in Europe - The Grass Roots Resistance

Desperate to Win Part 2: Democrats Finally Admit to Owning Defeat and Surrender

Desperate to Win: Liberals and Democrats Downplay the War On Terror

Quick Takes on the Appeasement Front
Serving Murder at Your Black Muslim Bakery

Useful Idiots -- Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy, Radical Chic and Parlor Socialism

A Glimmer of Hope for the Democrats

High Noon for the 'Shamnesty' Bill
4 articles

Imam Watch (UK Channel 4 Dispatches just added)

Quick Takes on the Appeasement Front

The Rosie O'Donnell Watch

The Democrats in Power -
Vote for Appeasement

Novus Ordo Globalum Warmus Scamus Seclorum

Nancy of Arabia

Little Pablo -
An NPR Parody
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